Community for ENergy Cleansing & Awareness

CENCA is a small estate/farm on Pelion Peninsula, the ancient living place of Centauri. Run by a nonprofit organization, CENCA hosts seminars, workshops, and mini-retreats, exploring holistic health, and alternative health practices of prevention and treatment. We live in harmony with nature, cultivate herbs, fruit trees and a small farm that provides most of our veggies, and we have 3 dogs and plenty of cats. We also offer work-exchange opportunities to like-minded wandering travellers.

At CENCA we cultivate ecology, balance, peace and harmony. The community was created in 2018 with the mission to build favorable conditions for awakening and global coherence, through energy enhancement, insightful empowerment and development of inner harmony with ourselves and the environment.

Spirituality at CENCA is independent from religion and we honor all paths. You are not required to adhere to any specific religious or spiritual beliefs to visit CENCA. You are able to be yourself! No criticism, no violence, absolute acceptance of every different culture, in the borders of respecting everyone’s expression, freedom and dignity. Cosmic Energy Healing retreats open the consciousness towards spirituality.

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Welcome to CENCA

Living in CENCA & community participation

Community living

If you are coming to our farm – retreat center for community living, you will find a beautiful model in action. Eco-practices are widely used in our every-day relationship with nature, to honor our environment.

All residents of CENCA are responsible for working it out among themselves to make a schedule for keeping everything clean, organized and doing what it takes to keep communal living areas neat. You will also be responsible for keeping your own room clean and tidy. The daily duties of cooking and serving breakfast/lunch/dinner are shared in rotation.
This work does not count as work exchange credit or any discount towards rental fees or retreats. This is just normal stuff you would do around your own home to keep things neat and clean!
Community chores everyone shares are fairly easy, it is not heavy work, just what is needed to keep the living areas in order, and would only amount to a small amount of time per week. This practice turns our perception to a new community model of living, more compatible to the global field coherence.

As a community we also follow a set of rules to guide our everyday living and behavior, in order to maintain balance and efficiency in our life here at CENCA and our relationship with others and surrounding nature. All guests and volunteers are expected to follow these rules. We welcome your contribution and/or recommendations!


Visitors, guests, residents & volunteers may stay in the house, the guest house, the vintage trailer, and for the more adventurous we also have the option of the cob house or tents! Where you’ll stay will depend on the season and how many people will be here at the time. Please enquire with your interest & dates, and we will discuss the options.

Retreats & workshops

2020 workshops calendar

28 May – 31 May
Natural Building – Natural Building with cob.

27 June – 2 July
Co-dependence through the 5 injuries of Human Existence & the Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing

7 July – 12 July 
The Archetypical Recognition of Existence Through the Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing

15 July – 19 July
Guilt: the main feeling in Co-dependence & its Management Through the Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing

22 July – 26 July
Anger & Limits: Energy Harmonization Through the Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing

1 August – 6 August
Fear: The Foundation of Capture Alternative Management through the Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing & Heart Math Institute Techniques

22 August – 27 August
Co-dependence through the 5 injuries of Human Existence & its Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing

1 September – 6 September
The Archetypical Recognition of Existence Through the Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing

Updates & most current information on workshops are posted on our facebook pages CENCA and Enallaktika Schimata Ygeias

Our beautiful area

CENCA is a small estate/farm on Pelion Peninsula, the ancient living place of Centauri.
In Greek mythology, Centauri were ancient Neolithic species (hybrid creatures, half-man & half-horse), who were displaced by the Achaens and Dorians and lived on the mountains. The most known Centaur was Chiron, a wise creature of divine origin, who acquired fame as a healer, scientist and seer. He raised and taught many gods and demigods like Asclepius (the ancient god of medicine), Achilles and Hercules. The whole area of Mount Pelion has healing energy spread out, derived from these ancient myths. Chiron is the archetype of the “wounded healer”.

We are in a rural area, a short 10-min walk from the sea, and a 20-min drive from the city of Volos, or you can get here by bus. We also have bikes you can borrow to explore the nearby area! During workshops in the summer months we swim daily, and go on small local excursions.

Information for prospective volunteers (workaway)

If you are interested in living at CENCA for a period of time, you can do that by joining our very rewarding work-exchange programme. We give like-minded people the opportunity to join us and live on the estate for free, with the exchange of a few hours of work per day, mostly helping out with estate maintenance, farming veggies, and taking care of our pets.

Workawayers will have the opportunity to swim in a marvellous clean sea, hike on mountain paths in the woods, explore beauties of nature around on foot or riding our bikes. We appreciate that the volunteers as well as our guests are of the same mindset and belief in respecting our environment and animal friends.

The programme runs from March to October, and our volunteers can stay in the guest house, in the trailer, the cob house, or in tents during busy periods. You can find more info on our workaway profile.

We look forward to hearing from you! 
**Special thanks to our friend Chet who took some of these amazing photos you see on this page.**

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CENCA is run by nonprofit organization Alternative Health Practice