Community for ENergy Cleansing & Awareness

CENCA is a community that aims to support energy cleansing and self-awareness, and thus there are some rules in place to support our mission. All residents & guests are expected to follow these guidelines and to proactively contribute to the community.

CENCA’s rules:

We wake up & start our day early in the morning (no later than 08:00), there’s lots to be done!

Please keep all premises clean & tidy, and be proactive in helping/contributing to the operations of the estate/workshops.

Please be considerate of & respect the other guests. Quiet hours are 23:00 to 08:00.

All animals are our friends, and we live in harmony with them & other people.

Be considerate with our resources, do not waste water unnecessarily (don’t keep the tap running), and do not throw out food that could feed our pets.

We recycle all materials, as well as organic matter/food in a compost (please ask to be shown where the bins & compost area are).

Do not throw anything into the toilet or other drainage, to avoid blocking of the pipes or sewers. If you are disposing clean water with no soap or chemicals, please water some plans with it instead. When using the toilet please dispose of the tissues in the bins provided

We encourage you to wash your clothes by hand as much as possible. Please wash them at the large sink outside only. Detergent powder and a basin are provided. One laundry cycle is available to you once every two weeks during your work exchange, please ask. For an additional wash cycle (1/week) we ask for a €5 contribution. There is no dryer machine on the premises, we sundry everything.

The wifi is switched off when we go to bed, to minimise our radiation exposure during the night. We turn it back on at 08:30.

We follow a vegetarian diet & food will be provided. Consuming meat or alcohol inside our premises is forbidden.

No drugs at all are permitted during your stay at CENCA.

Do not smoke indoors or during sessions or meals with others (you may smoke further away in the outdoor areas).

Do not judge yourself or others, and if you are dissatisfied with something here please do not complain or discuss it with other guests; please come and speak to us instead. If another guest initiates a negative comment/conversation with you, please do not engage, but advise them to come speak to us.

We encourage you to observe silence as much as possible, take the opportunity to connect with your inner-self & nature during your stay here.

Thank you for your cooperation 😊